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EFT Power Training – Business

Would you like to:

  • Increase productivity in your organization?
  • Decrease sick time?
  • Improve the quality of interaction of staff members?
  • Decrease stress levels in the workplace?
  • Decrease the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome and other workplace-related injuries?
  • Reduce cravings and addictions in your workforce?

It can be done—and done in a negligible amount of time—using the remarkable new scientific breakthroughs taught in this course.

Illness and pain cost organizations billions of dollars each year.

Back pain alone is estimated to cost upward of $64 billion in lost productivity annually. More insidious and invisible psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) result in “presenteeism,” in which employees show up for their jobs but do not function at their peak.

EFT Power Training uses a remarkable new form of therapy called Energy Psychology to change the energy level in an organization. An exciting new series of scientific studies has shown that stress can be erased in minutes with these techniques and that levels of anxiety and depression drop precipitously. EFT Power Training uses the top instructors and researchers in this method to bring the Energy Psychology revolution to your organization.

Even peak achievers see results!

Even when applied to peak achievers, Energy Psychology has been scientifically demonstrated to catalyze huge improvements in creativity and performance.

A randomized double blind trial with the Oregon State University basketball team showed a 38% difference in free throws between those players who received Energy Psychology and those who received a placebo treatment.

Energy Psychology has been shown to:

  • Increase beta-endorphins (pleasure hormones)
  • Decrease cortisol (associated with aging and cellular degeneration)
  • Increase serotonin (associated with well-being)

Clinical studies have also shown Energy Psychology to be more effective than pharmaceuticals and advanced psychotherapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

EFT Power Training is an intensive course that gives participants an understanding of the genetic and electromagnetic science behind Energy Psychology and also trains them in the use of several of its basic techniques. The goal is to give participants a toolkit they can easily implement during stressful situations at work and at home and to get them accustomed to using these methods as part of their daily routine. Ongoing support is also provided via handouts, websites, and self-reminder evaluations.

Energy Psychology makes use of instinctive human stress-alleviation points on the body that many people stimulate naturally and unconsciously when under stress. It organizes these points into a routine that takes less than two minutes to perform but has been shown to dramatically reduce emotional trauma.

In more than 100 clinical trials, EFT has been validated for the management of stress, trauma, anxiety, pain, and PTSD. First responders, veterans, Olympic athletes, and millions of people worldwide turn to this simple tool for relief from their physical, emotional, or psychological ailments.

Bring EFT Power Training to your team:

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“In my experience, working with leaders in organizations with Energy Psychology impacts their missions, their relationships, and their bottom lines. Shifting an organization energetically increases the health of the managers and employees—allowing them to focus, have more energy, and therefore be more productive. It also aligns an organization’s activities with its mission. Dawson Church brings expertise, passion, and heart to his work with organizations.”
—Mary Hammond, MA, LPC
ACEP Director and Certification Consultant

“I recently had the opportunity of using EFT at a presentation skills training I was conducting for a group of young financial analysts at a large bank in Cleveland. When the time came for them to deliver their final presentations, several participants indicated they were extremely nervous. I took them through all the relaxation techniques we normally teach and, while these worked for most of the participants, there were two who needed more. So I took the entire class through a quick EFT session. The VP who came in to see their final presentations said the group looked extremely calm and collected. She was very pleased. EFT worked like a charm to release the nervous tension.”
—Debbie Darling
Personal Development Coach and author of Dress to Look Your Best

“EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.”
—Bruce Lipton, PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief