Energy Psychology offers mind-blowing improvements in performance, the rapid resolution of psychological ailments like depression and anxiety, and frequent improvement of disease symptoms.

The mission of EFT Power Training is to be the most impactful, advanced, and authoritative group training in Energy Psychology available anywhere. EFT Power Training uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the most popular form of Energy Psychology.

The training is customized depending on the needs of your group. Click the link below that best describes your need:

  1.    Corporations and organizations
  2.    Clinical practices: hospitals, clinics, integrative medical offices
  3.    Sports teams

To bring EFT Power Training to your workplace or organization, email or call The EFT Team at 707-525-9292. 

“I’ve been a health researcher and writer for over 20 years. I used to predict only incremental improvement of our existing psychotherapies, because of the difficulty of altering entrenched human behaviors.

“Today, everything has changed. The new field of Energy Psychology has suddenly made our best psychological methods obsolete overnight, delivering radical reductions in stress in just seconds—with vibrant health, increased productivity, and wellbeing as side effects. EFT Power Training delivers.”

Dawson Church, PhD
Founder and President, National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (